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It certainly does help and thanks for the quick reply. I think that while all these boots would fit the bill for me, sounds like these Forma's might be the best option in terms of protection and walkability. I'll be in touch in a few months when I am ready to make a purchase! Thanks again!

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Hello MushNB.

The GAERNE G-Adventures (Gaerne, NOT Forma Adventures) are well made, but quite a bit softer and less protective. They are very easy to walk in, but we feel the Gaerne G-Adventures are more of a touring boot, good for only very light off road use.

The Gaerne Balance and the FORMA Adventures are similar for walkability. But they get there two different ways...the Gaerne is softer at the ankle, the Forma softer at the midsole. Frankly, the Formas, with more ankle protection, are probably slightly more protective, and a more clever design for ADV and DS use.

Hope that helps.

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