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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
wow, I messed that up all the way. thanks!
I've got a bunch of friends with property in San Flippy, some are there full time some only part time, I have heard all of the problems involved with getting a FM-3.

The passport to get back into the USA has been in effect for several years. Multiple times since then I've had guys in the truck with me who "forgot" their passports. They show their drivers license and we are sent on our way without even going to secondary inspection.

I have NEVER been asked for anything but a drivers license when stopped going into Mexico and that is only when stopped to check the vehicle registration papers of the bikes we were bringing down.

I have been busted at Guerrero Negro for not having the Tourist Visa, we gave them stickers and they let me go. If you are really worried about it and don't have one, there is a dirt road east of the highway.......... However, if you got in an crash on the highway and you were drivng, you better have one along with your insurance papers or you will go to jail.

Been doing this since the Baja 1000 was still a NORRA race.
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