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Originally Posted by greenthumb View Post
You didn't mention tires. That to me would be my first priority.
I would also get some boots that allow you to properly operate the bike, and offer decent support.
As far as performance upgrades go, it all depends on your weight, ability and riding terrain. Since you're already bottoming the forks, that is where I would start. Spring and oil changes can make quite a difference on a budget, and they may bay due for a service anyway.
Thanks. Yeah tires are the most obvious thing for changing terrain. I think I've got a clue in that area. I was overjoyed by the first change out of those Battlewings to Tourances and the little hill climb it allowed at my buddies backyard motocross track. Since then I've run a few sets of TKC's which I absolutely love and don't at all mind the few extra pennies per mile for the options they present. I actually just picked up a free set of Metzler Saharas for free off craigslist, but they were free for a reason (checked the code and found to be 13 years old... and now I'm too paranoid to put them on probably). Anyway, I'll give those K60 Scouts a try next after reading so many good things.

My boots are MSR VX-1 ATV which I know aren't the best but aren't the worst protection-wise anyway. The only boots I keep on looking at as ones I "have to have" are those Sidi Adventure ones... but I'll have to start offering myself after hours to strangers to afford them anytime soon (oh wait I already do that and don't make any $ on it).

So springs possibly? I'm 210# and 6'0" and want to be fearless without killing myself (call it adventurously cautious as I'm closer to 40 then 30 all of a sudden). Those progressive ones seem to be the best value option? And yeah I probably do need to do the service already... I passed right by the 24,000 recommended oil replacement on the front shocks as just the normal 12k maintenance broke my bank that month. Since then I've picked up the service discs and am tackling a lot more on my own so maybe that's my next DIY learning experience?

@Mr. B, yeah I've moved the shift lever up a bit but not so high that it's impossible while wearing my Redwing boots (more typically). The problem is that if I go any higher then downshifting is really awkward. New boots someday...

@Woodworks, thanks, that's probably the most astute suggestion. Got a long winter ahead here anyway, plenty of time to watch and read. I keep on sitting down to read that guide from BestRest at least, but honestly I'm not very far into it...

Anyway, thanks for the response.
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