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Originally Posted by Cataract2 View Post
So, I've come across a Garmin Colorado GPS available for purchase. What I like about it is it's waterproof. What I want to know is can it do auto routing and are there street maps that can be loaded into it? I've looked at motorcycle specific GPS units, but the prices are a bit steep.

Doing some digging I'm seeing there is the Garmin 60Csx and 62Cs. If compared to the Colorado, which would work best? I know these questions are a bit all over the place, but I just don't know and have been out of the GPS realm for a while.
The Colorado's been discontinued for some time now but it's still got a lot of the features you'd want in a gps. It's almost as good as a 62 since it has similar capabilities. Aside from the power which comes from the usb cable, it's better than a 60CSx.

With the right maps, it would do auto routing. OSM maps are auto routing so find those and load them up. They're free.
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