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I am on the opposite side of you and just started riding street so offroad is in my blood. In my experience chest protection is the most often overlooked piece in peoples gear when getting into offroad. I have gotten speared in the chest by my own bars after coming off in some deep whoops, and I had the unfortunate experience of seeing a guy die from crushing his chest landing from a jump in the sand. It sounds like you have a handle on the rest of it. Make some friends that are good offroad and go ride with them. Heck I'd even go out for a practice day at a local mx track if touch can. Just make sure you can get your bike home if you bend something!

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good advice. I have also cracked ribs 2X in tight woods bouncing off trees. Then I bought a chest protector made for someone bigger then your typical 125lb MX kid.

These new neck braces look interesting as well. It sucks crashing with a hit to your neck that makes you feel like a hangover, without the benefit of staying up all night drinking .

But nothing beats the experience gained riding off road, like when the reaction to role on an over the bars crash becomes an involuntary reaction.

But even now after 40 years of off road riding, I know I am going to crash every time I ride off road, I wait for it. "Great, now that that's over with I can get down to business".

Looking back, hard core off road is best started when young, you heal faster and forget the pain. But learning how to crash really helps as you get older.
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