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Day Two

We awake in Wildcat State Park near Gehring. This is where the real trouble began. I am a bar and an instant coffee ( I can endorse Starbucks Via Veranda: kind of guy when traveling. My boys, are not. Stiss is super high-tech. He comes with the same piece of Rubbermaid container as last year for his hot granola. Shep on the other hand is a gear-head like myself. Here is where it all went bad. He comes with this:
I have a fairshare mug, but not the collapsible version. Way more practical for our purposes. Believe it or not he may have reminded me once or twice that his particular version of the Fairshare mug is collapsible, and mine isn’t. The good news is that Laramie (which has multiple good outdoor stores that will surely make this right for me) is but a short ride for us to the west.

We leave camp, ride a bit of asphalt, and make our first stop: LaGrange, Wyoming. Do not be confused by the guys with beards, LaGrange in in Wyoming. That’s right, we made it nearly 40 miles before we stop for the first time today. LaGrange is a fine little town. The water in the city park is just fine.

We head west towards the next big burg of the day: Chugwater. The good news is that there is some fine riding to be done before we get there. We take Bear Creek Road to the west.

Bear Creek Church (est 1897)

Bear Creek Road was good fun. Gravel to dirt to two track and back again multiple times following, you guessed it, Bear Creek. Rolling good fun. Then we come to this place. Can you imagine?

This must have been the place back in the day. That date above the door says 1882.

We continue west pass through Chugwater, enroute to Laramie, our true destination for the day. We ride some really fine roads between here and there.

We make it Laramie and enjoy lunch at Anong’s: If you make it to Laramie, eat here. You will not be disappointed.
We meet up with a few buddies who are also in town and enjoy a cool beverage. While in Laramie, being the gear-head that I am, I needed to fill a hole in my soul the shape of a collapsible Fairshare mug. Two of the better outdoor stores you will find and I discover that they both suck. Denied! NO FAIRSHARE MUG FOR ME! Shep is delighted because he can now surely show off his mug for days now.
We water, beer, and food up and head out of town towards Veedauwoo, possibly one of the windiest places on the planet. What is weird is that the wind, was not and did not blow while we were there! One minor goal of this trip was to find the bunker that doesn’t exist. I had recalled seeing a “bunker” during my time Laramie as a student (a very foggy time indeed), and at some point there was contention as to whether or not these “bunkers” existed or not. Well, here is the story:

Here is my personal proof:

Having been exonerated of my delusions, we make camp at a perfectly delightful spot:

I know we didn't ride all that many miles, but what a great day. The weather and riding only improved from here. Day two is in the books. Tomorrow: Sand Creek Road, Red Feather Lakes, and camping above 10,000 feet.
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