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Mt Llyod to Picton

2012-10-12 Picton


My continuing quest to ride every dirt road I can find and get to the most remote parts of Tasmania


I headed off about 7am and made my way out through New Norfolk, then up to the pine forests at Mt Lloyd, there was a couple of tracks through here I haven't used before so I went this way to mark them off the map..

A 7 min video of the sandy roads down the eastern side of the Mt Lloyd pine forests (33 to 36km on the route), you can't tell by the video, but some of these hills are ridiculously steep and badly rutted.... The last 2 mins are at the airstrip at the southern end of the forest.. (at 43km on the route)

It seems the airstrip was probably used for fertilizing the pine plantations at some stage:

From there I cruised down to the main haul road that runs between Plenty Valley and Judbury, then Down to Glen Huon to explore some tracks I saw on Google Earth that run over to Geeveston...

It turned out to be a fun route (75 to 99km on the route), a bit rough in places, part of it follows alongside the Southwood powerlines:

At about 94km, there's a gate onto Harwoods Rd, it's too keep people out, not in, so I went around it: (Gopro grab)

(I don't encourage going around gates, but at times, there's no real choice... other than backtracking and wasting heaps of time)

I stopped at Geeveston to top up with fuel then headed south out of town, down the Huon hwy, and turned off into Kermandie River Rd, I followed that through to the new-ish haul road... They don't come much wider or smoother!

I then headed down Hermons Rd to Boney Rd, and headed through Swearing Bobs Plain: (110 to 114km on the route)

A 10 min video, first 1/2 is through a wet ferny forest, second 1/2 across the plain...

I went through here on the Dominator going the other way, it's one of my favorite tracks, shitty enough to be fun, but not so bad that you're going to get stuck

Here's the run through on the Dominator if anyones interested>>

Then it was just a bit of a zigzag through the forests taking a few new (to me) roads:

On Pares Rd I came to this: (at 154km)

Which is usually is the sign that a bridge is out... In this case, a gravel covered log bridge that had given way and turned into a bit of a sink hole:

It was safe enough for me, so I headed through... The only issue was the road block at the other end was too well constructed to get around ... I could probably have made it down through the rain gutter, but I would have chewed it up pretty bad, it was very soft deep clay...

Turned back and made my way around to Esperance River Rd, then up to Hermons Rd (167km).... Hermons Rd goes around the edge of Esperance Plain, some great views, and a great ride: (a couple of pics my BIL tinkered with)

Then it was back to the haul road, onto Kermandie Rd, and up to Arve Rd, which I followed around to near Tahune Airwalk, with a detour up Arve Loop which is blocked by a gate...

Tahune Airwalk, a popular forest tourist attraction:

Down near Tahune Airwalk I turned off into Picton Rd (at 215km on the route).... I came down here a few weeks ago on the Dominator but had to turn back, due to a lack of fuel... This time I wanted to explore all the side tracks and get to the end at Farmhouse Creek on th edge of the World Heritage area...

The Picton River at 216km:

I detoured in to a large quarry I spotted on Google Earth:

It was made up of what looked like large river stones...

I'm no geologist, but I "think" it's probably a glacial deposit:

I'm a sucker for an interesting rock

I then continued on down Picton West.... Some nice roads down here:


The old bridge that use to connect Picton East to Picton West (before the Picton West Rd was built): (252km on the route)

Lots of interesting creeks/streams:

At 279km I made it to my destination, Farmhouse Creek:

For a bit of history.... This was the location of a lot of anti-logging protests in the mid 80's... Tree sitting protesters became popular after a Tassie guy, Alec Marr, spent 16 days camped 50 meters up a tree around here:,645072

A pic of Bob Brown doing his thing down here... I believe he was shot at, and arrested, during this protest:

(pic from: )

Anyway.... I was tempted to ride across the footbridge and check out the track on the other side, but since it's a National Park-World Heritage Area, I thought I better not

Gotta love clear-felling:

I'm a bit conflicted on the whole forestry/logging thing... it's sad to see such amazing forests being annihilated, but without forestry we wouldn't have access to these areas and all these glorious roads

Content I had explored all the tracks down here I headed back out to Arve Rd, then up Blue Hill Rd (315km on the route)

A logging skidder, used to drag the logs around:

The view north from Edwards Rd:

Southwood, where a lot of the trees end up:

The Arve River from Edwards Link Rd:

I then ducked across Southwood Rd into the Bracken Ridge trail (327 to 332km)... This a a fairly steep crappy track, great fun... When I got to the top I was thinking, "That's going to make a good video", then realized the Gopro battery had gone flat so I only got 1/2 of it.... Not to be beaten I put a new battery in and decided to do a loop around via Bermuda Old Rd and do it again....

Old Bermuda Rd is 335-342km on my route... The first half turned out to be a decent gravel road, then past the power lines it turned to crap, lots of mud holes:

Part A... an 8 min video: (part B is better)

As it went on it got pretty bad, some steep parts, and lots of small rock ledges to drop off: Usual story, the Gopro makes everything look flat
Part B... 11 mins

It turned out to be quite an effort this late in the day.... but still good fun... I've since found out this road shouldn't be used between 1st of August and 31st of January, they close it so people don't disturb the wedgetails that breed in the area.... (oh well, good thing I'm just a single quiet bike)

Anyway, made my way back to Bracken Ridge Trail, a 9 min video... it's a lot steeper than it looks

After that I headed home via the judbury-Plenty haul Rd... I usually steer well clear of any logging activities but since it was right next to a major road, and no one was around, I stopped for some pics (from the road)

Cable logging:

Anyway.... an awesome ride
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