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12th of March

That little incident near Les Saint Maries led me straight to the next workshop in Nīmes. The mechanic tells me to go downtown, enjoy a meal and come back in two hours ...

I do as I'm told and place myself near the roman amphitheater which is nowadays still in use for bullfights.

Bullfights? France? Is that not a spanish thing? Right. And Right!

Watching the scenery I several times have the impression that mind misleads me. Is this still France? Or is it already Northern Africa? Memories from other journeys come to my mind. Sometimes they mix up and leave me irritated. Not everything is as it appears to be. Even more, not everything I see is where I expect it to be. A journey into stereotypes ... I'll try to look more behind things from now on.

I did a little collection of pictures that I call "parallels" from the journey trying to point out what I mean.

Nice, France -- Nador, Morocco

Greenhouse canvas, El Ejido, Spain -- Stairs, Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Queribus, France -- Palmyra, Syria

Perpignan, France -- Cairo, Egypt

Library, Alexandria, Egypt -- Cinema, Valencia, Spain

Walls, Tangiers, Morocco -- Walls, Aleppo, Syria

Gibraltar (British) -- Beirut, Lebanon

Ok, back to Nīmes, back to the workshop: The mechanic tells me that it was the starter button that had malfunction. 300 Euros disappear from my vacation fund...
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