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Originally Posted by mikegc View Post
I had the LAMPF! situation you described several times, always in cooler weather, with DDM and VVME kits. I had it with the 55w 1-Off kit, too, but not as often. Then, I switched to 35w ballasts and the HIDs have been flawless. When my 1-Off kit bites the dust (it has been working fine since March, 2011), I'll probably go with one of the aforementioned manufacturers but with 35w ballasts.

That makes a lot of sense, Mike. IMO and as mentioned in previous posts, it is that initial draw that is the culprit. I'm going to 35W. Been thinking about that all night and it won't make that big of a difference. May stick some aux lights on. On my previous bike, a Tiger 1050, it had PIAA 1100x lights right up under the chin fairing. I hooked them into to the high beam switch and it was fantastic. The 1100x has dropped about $175 since the 1100LED came out so they are sort of a bargain, but the wiring could be fun.
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