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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Im still back at the first post,thrilled to learn about the new bikes but how does a new spark plug cap turn out to be so jacked up? Dont recall ever hearing of a new bike with a bad cap to the point that it barely runs right?
Just curious.
Well, I agree, it seemed strange. That's why it took so long to find. I'm not sure what the actual issue was- the cap was well seated on the wire (which I checked) and on the plug (which I checked)- apparently there's a resistor in the cap which was faulty, and which meant that it was not sparking sometimes.

Be that as it may, swapped spark plug cap and the bike was right. So, there you have it.

12 vs 13: not a lot on paper, and I hesitate to comment on engine performance since mine wasn't healthy when I had it. It seems like the new bike is a little more polished, they always seem that way year on year I find. But, no major differences that would spur me to buy one over the other.

Steering damper: I'm a firm believer for high speed stuff. But my focus for this bike will be going fast in tight trails, and I don't think the chassis needs one.
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