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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
Do the springs first after your bike protection bits. I started with Hyperpros on both ends. A good bang for the buck, but I would go with a .60kg Bitubo spring on the front and a Hyperpro on the rear.

Stock is .46kg front. Hyperpros are .52-74kg. The bike alone will compress the lighter coils together and you will be riding on the heavier section of the spring. I never came close to using all the travel I had, which is kind of the point of it all.

I had the .60kg spring with my Bitubo cartridge and found it too harsh, but the cartridge is pressurized adding to the effective weight of the spring. Should be about right on a stock cartridge. The spring is longer than stock, so you should remove the spacer. If you bottom it, you can add a shorter spacer.

The real culprit on the forks is the valving, it has the equivalent of hydro locking under fast fork compression.

My Bitubo works well with a .55kg Ohlins, but it requires special equipment to revalve or service.

The Hyper pro rear spring is OK on the shock. Mine has gotten better with age as shock wear has decreased it spiking and rebound is still good.

Thanks for the advice, but honestly to the novice mechanic here I'm a bit overwhelmed with all of that. I guess what I want to hear is "get these springs, they don't cost much, follow the service instructions and replace the OEM parts".

Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post

I have a Scott's stabilizer. It can save your butt is sand or silt. The front goes into and out of ruts easily. Gives the bike a heavier/stable feeling on pavement.

That sounds great... running out of ruts and failing causes at least half of my falls. But really, over $500? Nothing cheaper and/or is it really worth it?

I did mention being on a budget right? At what point is it cheaper to get a second bike that's a "true" dual-sport for a couple grand? (maybe that's what I should learn on anyway, but I truly love the idea of a bike that does it all!)
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