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Lots to cover!

OK, on intake splitters I am undecided. They can induce turbulence and other flow characteristics to increase fuel mixing and burn quality but also decrease overall flow area, not just by the thickness of the plate but by introducing 2 boundary layers (on top and bottom of splitter plate). I think the more modern the engine design (more downdraft ports than sidedraft) the less a splitter will help. It also goes to show why a lot of these are done on singles with a horizontal carb. The flow having to turn 90 degrees to get through the valve introduces a lot of flow compromises that a modern v engine with its largely straight ports do not experience.

On the big bore kit I have to see what the inside of the 950 looks like. The 990 superduke engine cases may be machined differenly than the 950 engine. Ducati does it with the various 7xx thru 10xx engines. I also want to make a kit that is bore only, no stroker crank needed. That would keep kit and install price down. Reboring existing cylinders is nice but if new castings are needed it is not a big problem. Will find out and let you all know.

Gregor, did you do a photoshop drop shadow curved text addition to the engine in a crate picture?
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