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I don't think the 99% hate the 1%, as you state. I know a lot of people who would qualify as being in the 99% and I have yet to find one who damns people who got wealthy through a combination of hard work, smarts, and ethics. What I think people don't like is folks who got into the 1% by shady means, or who equate financial worth with human worth and look down on people who work just as hard or harder but whose jobs are "below them."

I too like to see people set goals for themselves, sometimes goals that seem beyond them, and yet achieve those goals. Such goals could involve accumulating large stacks of dead presidents, or not. I'm not gonna judge someone by their goals, cause their goals might be different than mine. And I try not to judge them based on whether they achieved all their goals cause well, crap happens sometimes, and sometimes hard work and education don't add up to success. The good doc, and some other folks you've met along your trip, love having lots of toys, but I bet you'd respect the doc just as much if he eschewed all the material goods, ran a bare-bones storefront clinic, and rode an old Honda 175 .... because that was his goal.

Taking your example into consideration, if a person wants a Ferrari but then declines the opportunity to earn the money to buy the Ferrari you say "they lose" but I see it this way: they didn't really want the Ferrari in the first place; when the time came to choose, they chose something else. They only lose if they fail to recognize that they had a choice and that they made a choice. Recognizing your choices leads to understanding yourself, and it frees you to actively make those choices, to participate in your own life. You kind of loaded the dice in the favor of your analysis because you defined the scenario is such a way that the only right answer is for the person to do what it takes to get the Ferrari-everything else is excuses. There are no excuses, there are reasons, and a primary reason is choice. You don't have to choose a Ferrari, or an HP4, but you do have to choose, whether you realize you're choosing or not. That said, you can make impossible choices that can never be achieved, in which case if you like following that path it would probably be more satisfying to make it your goal to follow that path toward that impossible result as far as you can go---keep pushing your personal best even though you know you have no likelihood of achieving your ultimate goal. Again, it's a choice. That said, sometimes circumstances beyond our control and we just have to play the hand we're or no choices. When you're down to your literal last dollar you won't be too choosy about what job to take because you need a paycheck in seven days or you'll be homeless. Beggars can't be choosers. At that point, choice is illusory, but taking that job is saying "fuck adversity". Once you get going again, choices tend to present themselves again, as opportunities. And it's also true that sometimes events outside our control make it impossible for us to achieve our goals no matter how much adversity we're willing to fuck. That's real, but it's important to work to recognize when it's real and when it's not...when it's really not something outside ourselves blocking us, it's US, and we're making a choice but we're hiding it from ourselves, disguising it for some reason to look like it's someone else's doing. Peeling that away is looking deep into a soul mirror...and it can be scary as hell to start to meet the person who's pulling the strings. Some people aren't going to be able to do's too much for them. Terrifying. Afraid it will destroy them. And maybe they're right. I'm not them. I think it's scary for everyone at times, but sometimes some people can do it and emerge differently. But I can't condemn those who won't take that journey... I'm one of them sometimes too...we all are..... Maybe seeing all the choices you make is one of those impossible goals....I think it may well be.....but I think even if it's impossible to live a life of total self-clarity the road that leads there is worth riding.

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