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My boots are MSR VX-1 ATV which I know aren't the best but aren't the worst protection-wise anyway. The only boots I keep on looking at as ones I "have to have" are those Sidi Adventure ones... but I'll have to start offering myself after hours to strangers to afford them anytime soon (oh wait I already do that and don't make any $ on it).
I have the Sidi Adventure but I use them for road riding. For longer offroad use they seems not to be stiff enough + sole not hard enough. For that I use ONEAL Element 3 boots, which you can get for around 150 Euros or less. For that price they do a very good job. Since more than 2 years in my case.

chest, knee & protective pants is a must have in my opinion & proper gloves, not the soft mx style ones.

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I'll give those K60 Scouts a try next after reading so many good things
I love them ! Used TKCs before but the back tire lasted only like 2500 km, and I get 10.000 km out of a K 60 Scout. Its always a compromise but this tire does street & offroad riding reasonable good.
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