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Originally Posted by sgmartz View Post
website shows $99...wonder why the price difference between in store and online....

anyone else looking to pull the trigger on this???

i was really planning on the AFX or MSR for about the same price, but this looks pretty nice as well....except its bilt, and normally im not a brand type of guy, im having a hard time with this being a bilt product, anyone wanna set me straight?
I don't really because I have only purchased lo end stuff (cheap summer gloves) and had hit and miss luck. That said I took my XD-3 in and compared them. Obviously it's not a $600 helmet, but:

the padding was pretty good.
Internal sun visor is a big plus
the visor/screen had no distortion and snugged down pretty tight.
the mouth guard section of the helmet wasn't as far away as an MX helmet (which I like)
overall quality was middle
it fit my head pretty well
the white is more pearl than bright white so you don't look like a stormtrooper.

the peak/bill is not adjustable but it's only 1/2 inch or so higher than my XD
the visor doesn't have a little tab or handle to move it up and down (I will add one if I buy the helmet).
unknown build quality given it's a BILT
the peak has a BILT logo (it can easily be covered with a cooler sticker if that bugs you.)
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