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Hard Work

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I don't think the 99% hate the 1%, as you state. I know a lot of people who would qualify as being in the 99% and I have yet to find one who damns people who got wealthy through a combination of hard work, smarts, and ethics. What I think people don't like is folks who got into the 1% by shady means, or who equate financial worth with human worth and look down on people who work just as hard or harder but whose jobs are "below them."
sometimes hard work and education don't add up to success.
Truth. Sometimes hard work and education don't add up to a Ferrari either. And when working hard and working smart doesn't get you educated, or you're not educated enough to work smart, only hard, you're in a great spot to get screwed. The part of the 1% (really more like the .01%) that the 99% hate are the ones who regularly take the opportunity to screw the 1% on the other end of the spectrum. If you get wealthy through working hard, working smart, and being educated, then good on you, but if you get wealthy because you're lucky, ruthless, and mean, then we've got a problem.

P.S. Great report with great insights. I've been following since you came through Minneapolis.
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