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Originally Posted by dirty dennis View Post
Funny you should mention dodging 'roos. Got one with the GTR yesterday. I think the bike is a write off. I've got a bit of a sore leg& knee but otherwise ok. The little "critter" is a shingle back lizard. Found all over Aust. We had a couple living under the rocks near our front door. They are herbivoures & totally harmless (pretty unusual to have a harmless reptile over here! ) I've had them crawl along my shin to get dried fruit I placed on my knee! After a while when we came out the door & sat down if there were any around they would head for us to see if we had something for them to eat
Cheers DD
Howdy Dennis,

Glad you hear your OK, to bad about the bike. When I was there I did a really good job of dodging the roos but darn near got run over by the HUGE wild pigs, I swear it was shear luck or some sort of divine intervention that got me through that mess. I rode through a pack of those buggers, they all came out of the woods at the same time, pigs in front of me, pigs on either side and behind me, I love bacon but damn that was a bit much.
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