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Here are a few pics from our weekend. Tony and I had a great time competing in our first race. Thanks, Richie, for getting us out there. Can't wait to do it again!

Our home for the night. We arrived at about 5:30 Saturday evening, got set up, and walked the track. Just driving in to the place got me excited to race.

We took a walk around the track to see what we were in for. It took a while - the track was about 3 1/2 miles long. Part of it was the regular MX track, and the rest was a combination of tight and twisty woods riding, and some open field areas.

I'm really glad we took a good look at the woods section; there were a couple areas where it really helped to know which direction to take.

Midway through our walk, our friend Kevin arrived. Nice guy that he is, he delivered beers right out to the track. After a delicious steak dinner, Kevin and Tony got a roaring fire going and we celebrated Kevin's birthday with off-key singing, a really cool musical birthday card, birthday pie, and whiskey. I can't believe I didn't take a picture. It was classic, though. Kevin went to bed early, while we conspired to get the card, pie, and whiskey in order. We rousted him out of his sleeping bag, and stood around for a good hour or so at the back of the trailer eating, drinking, and listening to Kevin play his birthday card over and over again. It was still going when Tony and I finally crawled into our tent. Happy B-Day, Kevi!!!

We slept pretty well, and were really happy NOT to hear rain drops during the night. It had rained a little on Friday. If it got any wetter, the clay and slimy leaves would be a mess. Fortunately, a slight breeze was blowing and it didn’t look like it was going to rain. I was nervous enough without having to contend with foul weather and a slimy course.

Our set-up was pretty sweet- microwave, drip coffee maker....

Richie’s sexy little 250, 2-smoker

Big Spag and I taking another look the morning of the race.

Territorial is a really beautiful piece of property, and the owner and track builder did a terrific job of putting together a fun and challenging course. Everything went smoothly from sign-up to finish.

By about 9 o’clock the grounds were starting to fill up. I’d estimate there were about 110 racers, in all.

My favorite of the Track Dogs.

Richie checkin' his spokes...

We got signed in and watched the juniors for a while. I can't believe how fast some of these little guys go!

Tony and Rich.

Tony checking out the “Loo with a View”. Geez, I can’t take him anywhere!

Once we got to the starting line, my nerves calmed a little. My goals for the race? To have fun, not get hurt, and get back in wanting to race again. I was really tentative on the clay track; I had never set a tire on an MX track before and, hell, we don’t have clay in Central Oregon. We have rocks and sand, and I know how to deal with those. I loosened up after a couple of laps and learned to trust my tires – those MX71s will be my tires for the foreseeable future. They were incredible. No more 606s for me! There were a few spots in the woods where I had a little trouble, and the second and third laps got me really pooped. Just stupid little tip-overs where I got going too slow. Picking up my bike half a dozen times was not easy on a tight, slimy track. Damn short legs! I looked at my timer, and I was just 38 minutes into the race. Another hour of this?? I recovered quickly, though, and felt surprisingly good for the last two laps. My fifth and final lap was totally clean! Yeah! It was really great to see Tony and Rich at the end of the course cheering me in! And I felt surprisingly good.

Rich had a really good race, and came in 5th in his division.

Tony rode well, but tore his fuel line loose on a limb or something. He managed to get it back on, but had lost so much time near the end of the race, they didn’t let him do another lap.

After the race, we collected our “sprockets” and headed for a well-earned soak at Belknap. Did that ever feel good!

We waited until after the race to doctor the numbers.

The next morning we were all sore. Rich was just glad to be able to get his socks on and found a new use for bubble wrap. Tony knocked up his bad leg pretty good on a corner and had a little extra gimp. I, for one, have never had such a hard time getting my bra on. At least I got a sprocket!

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