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Originally Posted by MotoMike View Post
Thanks Craig, is that Bajabound as in Tim Morton?
No, it is not Tim Morton aka: Bajabound Moto.

I use them for all of my personal vehicles when going to Baja. The great part is you can do everything online and it one less thing to worry about as you get ready to cross the border.

Getting the visa at the TJ crossing. Stay to the right at the secondary inspection as you cross, park as soon as you can, some guys pull into the secondary and tell the Federalies what you want to get your visa and they will tell you where they want you to park. You go in, fill out your form and give the guy your passport. He then sends you with your form over to the bank where you pay your 262 pesos. It is MUCH EASIER if you have pesos to pay with. After paying the bank, the bank stamps the visa and sends you walking back to the guy who has your passport, who also stamps the visa and gives back your passport and valid tourist visa.

Same thing at Tecate only the visa place and bank are just beyond secondary.

At Mexicali, you park in secondary and fill out you paper work in the visa place but you have to walk across all of the traffic over to a completely different set of buildings to pay at the bank.
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