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Originally Posted by BenZvan View Post
If you get wealthy through working hard, working smart, and being educated, then good on you, but if you get wealthy because you're lucky, ruthless, and mean, then we've got a problem.

P.S. Great report with great insights. I've been following since you came through Minneapolis.
Hey Ben--I knew I'd seen that name before! ;)

I think the big issue is that very few would see a guy in a (insert supercar here) and think, yeah, that guy worked hard for it, fuck yeah, kudos to him. The default is always to think that he/she was born into it or fucked people over to get it. In psychology it's called the fundamental attribution error--the tendency to devalue the success of others through environmental-based explanations while over-emphasizing one's own effort that is/was/would be required to achieve the same level of performance or success.

The typical conclusion to seeing a hot girl with an old, fat, bald dude in a Lambo would be that 'she's only into him because he has money'. However--if that old fat dude was us, we'd say "she's attracted to my intellect and passion for success." Either could be true. Either could be self-deception. Truth can only be found by validating what we think and/or testing what we think experimentally (it's why morality ALWAYS requires action).

But most people lack the desire to transcend their own beliefs, god forbid try and test the holiness of them. Such a state prohibits progress. We do not err because truth is difficult to see. It is visible at a glance. We err because this is more comfortable. - Solzhenitsyn
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