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I'm not much for philosophying about my fellow man for the simple reason they will inevitably make me wrong but having said that, this is America and what you believe you can do , you really can take a good stab at it if you prepare.

Mark Donahue said, Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and while historically there have been a few cases where opportunity just wasn't there for some, even then someone proved that wrong and did great historical things or made great head roads into what some deem as success.

What pisses me off is when politicians make statements and decide policy that pits any percentage up against the other thereby giving the downtrodden an excuse for failure and perpetuates the myth that if you have achieved great wealth or fame it was all on the back of the little man. It just ain't so and the fact that a country boy from appalachia achieved the supercar status with barely a high school education , four years of military , a GI bill education and one hell of a lot of sweat equity is proof enough to me that anyone can do whatever that will themselves to do .

Keep up the good pictures and to someone else' point , what WAS up with the GT3 picture. LOL
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