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Originally Posted by soph9 View Post
what are you going to buy?
I'm going to buy "free time" ....

I just decided this evening that I'm going to keep riding my 4-year old F658GS ...

* I've mounted the farkles,
* I've had the recalls attended to
* my 2nd gas tank has a small crack which I will hope to get repaired under the parts warranty ... before it runs out
* my headlight reflector is crapping out on the hi-beam but I think I'll ignore it
* When Electrosport releases their new stator I'll install it - I think it will be well engineered.

Then I will "spend" the $4,500 it would cost me to trade up, to buy more "free time".
Free time I will use to wear out my current bike....

This past summer the bike and I had an EPIC adventure ...
I didn't post it as it was a little too personal and likely not of broad interest ...
but if you PM me your e-mail address I'll send the journal to you.
I think you and Cheryl would enjoy it!


PS: I may upgrade to the non-bobble-head front brake master cylinder arrangement .... that thing has always pissed me off ............
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