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Another comment for those of you out there with new bikes.

It's great to do an oil change EARLY and get all the manufacturing crap out of the motor. I usually do one between 30 and 60 minutes of run time, and it's amazing to see the swarf that is stuck in the filter and on the screens.

But, the motor was designed to be broken in on dinosaur (non synth) oil. KTM wants 5-10 hours on this before you go to the really slippery stuff. Synthetic too early may mean the rings don't seat properly, and you fight oil consumption for the whole life of the bike.

So, by all means, drop the oil early, but put in something non-synthetic. I've been using Honda GN4, which is cheap by the gallon, and is correctly rated for clutches, etc, but I'm sure there are many oils that would fill the bill just fine.
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