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Originally Posted by deguoren View Post
I have the Sidi Adventure but I use them for road riding. For longer offroad use they seems not to be stiff enough + sole not hard enough. For that I use ONEAL Element 3 boots, which you can get for around 150 Euros or less. For that price they do a very good job. Since more than 2 years in my case.
Thanks, finally someone suggests something that doesn't cost $500. That's the thing I wasn't prepared for... the crazy costs of everything, and how many bits and pieces there are.

Originally Posted by deguoren View Post

I love them ! Used TKCs before but the back tire lasted only like 2500 km, and I get 10.000 km out of a K 60 Scout. Its always a compromise but this tire does street & offroad riding reasonable good.
Geez, seriously? Burning a rear TKC-80 in 1500 miles? What are you doing to them? I know I run my tires all the way out just to be cost effective and they are worthless in muck at the end, but... This rear I put BACK ON after it had 6k miles and ran it another 1k before this past weekend where I will now admit it is past useless.
adĚvenĚture exciting or very unusual experience.
hat a great 40,000 mile adventure on the trusty F800GS. Looking forward to the next 40k.
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