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Bilt Explorer Helmet review

[QUOTE=sgmartz;19830277]website shows $99...wonder why the price difference between in store and online....

anyone else looking to pull the trigger on this???

I picked one of these up today....... First of this is my first foray into a more "dirt" oriented helmet. I do take my Tiger on gravel and the occasional more off the beaten path, so I feel the style fits the need. With the price being so appealing I had no choice but to give it a shot.

I strolled into my local CG store in Portland and they had the helmets stacked right as I entered the store seeing the off white one in the sunlight showed I didn't want to look like a Stormtrooper and the flat black doesn't appeal to me either.......I guess the silver will do....Good cause it looked the best.

Trying em one going to my normal large size first......NO WAY! would barely clear my forehead. XL next, made it onto my cranium, but with a brutal amount of pressure and there was limited chance I would be able to get my glasses on either. XXL it is then, the XXL fit really well with no pressure points and the glasses fit too.

This is also my first helmet with an internal drop down tinted shield, I dont know why I waited so long......the view was not distorted or lessened and its real conveinient since I work the graveyard shift and swapping shields is a bitch.

The clear visor is stout and fits very well into the apperature of the helmet. No distortion at all and not having a pull/push tab to open or close the helmet isn't needed since it has an abrupt angle on the lower edge (at least in my case) to help with closing the sheild.

The helmet visor itself is great for blocking the errant sun that does break through from time to time and it seems to help with the falling rain while sitting at stoplights (as I found out today). I'll have to see how this works with the windshield on the Tiger.

The look of the helmet overall seems pretty great. The paint is smooth and clean and the fit and finish of the lining seems pretty good although I normally like more padding in my helmets, but it feels pretty solidly built and comfortable. Obviously the weather around Portland won't allow for a very long season to test this helmet much more, but so far I am quite impressed with the Explorer by Bilt and at an almost steal for $99.00 and with a 5 year warranty.

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