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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
I'm going to buy "free time" ....

I just decided this evening that I'm going to keep riding my 4-year old F658GS ...

* I've mounted the farkles,
* I've had the recalls attended to
* my 2nd gas tank has a small crack which I will hope to get repaired under the parts warranty ... before it runs out
* my headlight reflector is crapping out on the hi-beam but I think I'll ignore it
* When Electrosport releases their new stator I'll install it - I think it will be well engineered.

Then I will "spend" the $4,500 it would cost me to trade up, to buy more "free time".
Free time I will use to wear out my current bike....

This past summer the bike and I had an EPIC adventure ...
I didn't post it as it was a little too personal and likely not of broad interest ...
but if you PM me your e-mail address I'll send the journal to you.
I think you and Cheryl would enjoy it!


PS: I may upgrade to the non-bobble-head front brake master cylinder arrangement .... that thing has always pissed me off ............
a big +1 on that!

My f650 at 30k miles runs better than ever. I've sprung for a wilber rear shock(great improvement) and Intimidators for the front so the suspension is really dialed in now. All other farkels already well sorted. Now where to go? so many great choices.
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