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13 July 2012
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Given up on the idea of getting to Papua New Guinea. We're already months over schedule in Indonesia and getting to PNG will require alot of time and boat transport for very little payoff in riding.

Next stop Sulawesi instead. I had thought we should be able to hire some small cargo boat to take us wherever. Even with local help that's proving impossible so we'll ferry back to Flores instead and try from there.

We wait a few days for the next ferry to Flores and show up 5 hours early. Too late, it's full. F*ck!

We decide that as a couples trip this isn't working. Too much stress. Anna will take care of some stuff at home and rejoin me in a more pleasant country. I will press on because I'm a stubborn bastard. Of course it doesn't occur quite that blandly or easily but this is the end result.

On a completely unrelated note we found peanut butter in a specialty store a month ago and now carry a jar everywhere. Useful comfort food for any meal. And you can always find jelly and bread.

Too many passengers, not enough boat.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk

The look of public transit terminals everywhere.
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