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Originally Posted by Carlos M View Post
Actually, Cyril will depart from the 11th position tomorrow (20'30" after Gonçalves, right?) and 18"30 behind H.Rodrigues. A lot of action to expect again!
I expect Cyril to unleash hell tomorrow. He was doing a very commendable job for the first two thirds of the stage today. When leading it is only normal for the guy behind to make up the 2 minutes on you in the first, say, 80-100kms of the stage.

That was not the case for the majority of his run today, I think it was a navigational error while trying to find a waypoint that screwed him up and cost him so much time. Helder, when stopping to see if Marc was OK gained a huge advantage. Not saying in any way that it was malicious or in bad sport, but effectively he probably had 5-6 more "rabbits" (riders) pass in front of him, which 90% of the time means that he didn't have to navigate, and he certainly didn't have to waste time to locate the tricky WP. All this while gaining back about 8 minutes in time (or however long it was that he stopped to check up on Marc)...

Hope what I'm saying makes sense
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