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Originally Posted by Blane View Post
I ended up ordering new seals for the one side. I left the head attached to cylinder but loosed the nuts at 6 and 12 o'clock. ...the head gasket was a little warped from hanging up on the threads of the studs as I was pulling the cylinder off but no real damage. It'll flatten back out as I retorque the head nuts. I cleaned off the head gasket reapplied Halomar and buttoned everything back up.
I'm a little unclear on what you did here. You say you left the head attached to the cylinder with the 6:00 and 12:00 nuts, but then you go on to say that the head gasket got a little "warped" from getting hung up on the stud threads as you removed the heads and it will get flattened again when you torque the head down and also that you cleaned off the head gasket. So you did separate the head and cylinder? If you removed the head from the cylinder then you shouldn't reuse that head gasket. You also definitely shouldn't apply hylomar to it either.
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