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Originally Posted by invisible monster View Post
Here's my first (of many I'm sure) questions:

Does anyone know of a place that makes replacement gauge faces for these older bikes? The speedo and tach dials are quiet weathered and it would be nice to replace them.

This bike is just going to be used around our property, I am not going to title it for the street. Planning to run only a headlight and tail light. Do I still need a battery or will the running motor support those?

Any chance the stock shocks can be serviced in some way? I'm guessing not.

The engine is locked up. I am guessing that I will need to have it bored and replace top end parts. Will any shop that works with motorcycle engines be able to bore the jug for me or am I going to have to look for a place that specializes in vintage bikes?
There is a guy on that rebuilds gauges, his handle is DEET, For the engine work try Scott Clough Racing, his prices are fair and his work is fantastic, as far as the shocks I have never tried to rebuild them, but reproduction has new ones for about $99.00. The web site is quite helpful, but if you donate to the web site you vou get a faster download speed, plus it helps keep the site alive. RodT
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