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Oh!? That is deep.
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Originally Posted by TwinDuro View Post
Seriously though, you speak the truth, it seems that the vast majority (but definitely not all) of kids/younger adults aren't interested in vintage/classic bikes,

FWIW, my take on this subject is that no matter what you own: motorcycles, cars, vintage tractors, baseball cards etc., it would be ideal to have everything clearly laid out and decided upon in one's will well in advance, so there's absolutely no question on who gets what. We've all seen, and likey experienced, families being torn apart by arguments over who gets one thing or another. It's not pretty and more often then not, turns downright ugly.
The phenomenom isn't limited to bikes but spans to cars. Seems a lot of younger people in developed nations are loosing their love for owning a car. It isn't the status symbol it once was. many are not gettting their license until they are much older. Now in nations that are just coming into their own the demand is growing as is the interest.

TwinDuro called it though - have a good solid plan and have it written and notorized. May also consider letting some of them go to their new homes before you ride off into the sunset. Likely give you great joy to see them enjoyed anew and would settle any issue of ownership after your passing.
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