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Sorry to participate in derailing the thread. Just one more throttle spring post.

I went to these guys a few minutes ago and they'll make me some custom springs for my Mikunis.

p.s. I will put some input into the OP though.

Not sure why you are so resistant to the AFR gauge. I had a colortune at some point and found it pretty useless for tuning, other than maybe idle mix.

You could find one(Innovate AFR) for a good price used on Fleaby. Use it to "PERFECTLY" tune your bike and sell for probably what you have in it and use it for practically free.

Innovate is the one you want.

They have a tail pipe sniffer, which may work on your bike. I would weld a SS bung in my headers, but the sniffer may work for you depending on the exhaust you have. Then you would have the Best HP and the Best Gas mileage. You wouldn't leave anything on the table.

I would think with those 32's, you would have killer stump pulling torque and awesome mpg if done right.
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