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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Ive tried 3 different kinds of steering dampers,tried em on tight single track.
I cant do it. I want the bike to steer how I want it to steer,cant have it doing it's own input on tight left then fast right super tight corners,or anywhere really,they all drove me nuts within minutes and hitting trees was a possibility.
I know they are great at speed and in rockpiles,I think a lotta pros turn em off for tight woods.
The ones Ive tried,WER,Scotts,GPR, wouldnt turn down far enough to work for me.
Am I a freak?

I know guys,usually not great riders,who wont ride with out the things anywhere,its like a crutch to keep them upright I guess? I wonder if the dampers do just the opposite sometimes in tight woods?
I have used a Scotts damper on my last 3 KTM's.
If the damper "got in the way" I would just crank down the adjustment knob until it didn't.

On my 500 I am going to hold off on installing a damper (still have the one from my 530) until I ride it in the desert.
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