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Originally Posted by AceRph View Post
Geez Bob. You're doing a great job stirring up excitement about this thing.

In 2006, loadedagain blew up his 640. There was a 950 on the trailer too, but that might have been from a rider injury.

Just after this shot, loaded mooned the paparazzi.
Roger - The KTM 950 was ridden by Fred Baldridge. He was my riding buddy until late on the South Canol. I think Bob Lisey, Ned and Jimmy650 were parked on the outside of a blind turn. Fred was following me. I rounded the turn at a good clip and skidded to a stop past Lisey. Fred rounded the same turn and got her woah'd up just in time to plant his front wheel on top of the outside berm. Fred is a tall fellow, but not that tall! His left foot whiffed air and over he went right there, and broke his collar bone.

He had us tie straps on his shoulders to cinch his back straight. He got on and rode the rest of the way to Ross River, where he boarded the sweep truck. He finished the rally in the truck. Tough guy.
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