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i also bought myself one last night, i mean at $100 its a pretty good deal id think....

trim/padding were all great for the price, obviously no arai/shoei, but id say as good as or better than the AFX/FLY/MSR...

to confirm, it is the exact same helmet as the Sparx Nexxus and the Speed and Strength

the added tinted visor is great, very robo-cop in its operation but i love the idea of having it, especially for the dual sport crowd where you can have rapidly changing conditions, id love to see arai/shoei integrate this into theirs, maybe id be more willing to spend top dollar....

also with the non-ratching shield, i actually really like it, it seems to have a lot of friction so it just stays whereever you put it, i havent ride tested it yet, but so far im stoked on it...

if i were to give bilt suggestions....

more/better vents, the ones on it seem pretty meh
cutouts for BT/speakers
more easily removable peak
snell certification

another i noticed too, bilt/cycle gear doesn't advertise this helmet as ECE22.05 rated, however it is the same helmet as the Speed and Strength version, which is ECE22.05 maybe bilt didnt obtain the official cert. for use in europe, id assume that it would pass the ECE testing requirements...

ill post some pictures tonight and maybe do an official review
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