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Originally Posted by damurph View Post
Lots of resettlement happened and it still happens. DRZ will put you in alot of these places.
The thing you will find here is chatting with the local old timers will give you more info than you can gain anywhere else. And you can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. People chat with total strangers and don't find it strange at all.
That's one of my problems making any miles in Canada. People engage in conversation much more freely, without the suspicion found here. Two hours chatting in a parking lot is perfectly normal. People roll down the windows at stop lights and ask how you're doing and are genuinely interested in the answer. The waitress asks how your meal is and will fix it if it's not right.

My first experience of this was way back in the '80s bicycling through Nova Scotia. A fellow pulled off in front of us, stopped, and asked if we had everything we needed. Could he get us some groceries? Did we need a place to camp? Did we want to marry any of his daughters or extended relations?

I remember he mentioned there was a farm for sale down the road, cheap. If I'd had any sense or cash on hand, I should have bought it.

I like hanging with the elders. Anyone who thinks we're at the cutting edge just now hasn't had much experience talking to the previous generations. The old folk may have no idea of how to download an Android app, but when the lights go out, I'd rather have one of them by my side than fifty tech gurus.
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