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Careful w/the Alaska Leather seat pad and the stock seat!

Originally Posted by nikodelrey
hey, does that gel pad work for you, mhyman? what kind is it? I'm thinking i'd like one
I have the Alaska Leather sheepskin pad. It didn't work for me on the stock '05 GS seat. A fold from left to right happened at the lowpoint of the seat and created nasty hotspots on my posterior. I now ride long dist. w/an Airhawk inflatable pad. It took a couple of short rides to find just the right amount of air, surprisingly low. Everyones butt is different so test them all out till you get it right.

BMW Tank bag (powered for Autocom to connect Earplugz headset (maahhhvelous) to: XM, iPod, etc.)
BMW Sides cases
BMW Top case w/backrests
Touratech LED taillight
LED License plate frame (more brake lights the better)
Touratech Handlebar bag
Touratech Under cargo bag (great spot for straps/cords)
Touratech oilcooler screen
Touratech headlight protector (would rather have black metal sreen due to reflection of headlight in my face)
Dallas Motorcycle lightbar: PIAA 1100s to move to the top of bar; PIAA 520 fogs going on the bottom; PIAA sport hors to mount on the ends
Fastway pegs
Hepco Becker bars (Black, added after photo)
Green Light trigger (this bike is too tall to trip the lights around here! You can see it on the centerstand)
Oh, yeah. I had the wheels powdercoated!

Here's mine:

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