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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
There are ways of relaying messages from pit to pit. If you are racing a cage and using BFG tires and pits, BFG Relay will relay a message for you via radio. Sometimes you can do the same with FAIR pits, however if you aren't using those pits you are SOL. I suppose you could try to use Weatherman on 151.625 but good luck with that cesspool. You may be able to relay messages through the Honda pit system. Messages should be very important, short, and concise otherwise you will be ignored. Cell phone text messages commonly get through when there is spotty to very poor cell service. Oh wait, this is NORRA not SCORE. I know of no way to relay messages from pit to pit in NORRA like those mentioned above in SCORE.
Right, so the radio makes better sense for the B1K but no sense at all for the MX1K. Mike, Jeremy and myself would have been better off if we had SAT phones but only because all the oil drained out of my bike
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