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Hi Jester. I too am looking at this stuff. There are other tricks being played in these systems. The 35W guys don't have anywhere near the problems that the 50w systems have. The obvious answer to that is less current at startup, but the Can-Bus friendly ballasts and error correction pig tails aren't using simple resistors but combinations of capacitors and resistors. Just a guess from deep in the cobwebs of that empty globe above my shoulders is they are using some sort of RC circuit to slow the current build up. I have a 35W Can-Bus ballast kit coming in. I'm at the point I want the bike to "work" when I hit the starter rather than playing Watch Mr. Wizard. Just something to think about. When the low beam LAMPF! error hits the low beam flashes and then stays off. Start up the bike with high beam on. On mine, it fires right up. So what's with that????
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