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I got my 'combat scrambler' back on the road!

It's been 13+ months since my shock stud snapped. I got a lot of kind words of support and some cold hard cash to boot although I still wish Norton Lory never did that donation thing. Nevertheless! The money has helped! Thank you again everybody!

It's been too long since I rode it last. My butt dyno is a bit out of practice but with 200 miles on my rebuild the thing is definately not running worse! It goes through the first three gears and 105mph pretty quick! 99 and 99.5 leak down at 200 miles (that is not going to happen if you don't stagger your ring gaps OR break it in like you are 'suppose' to). The valves are not leaking one bit thank you very much robtg! The rest of his machine work was top notch too! I revved it to over 8k at about 150 miles on the new top end. I started with 145 mains just to be safe and I am already back down to 135's! I was hoping for ten more hp and I think I am close. Not bad since I already got a lot of the easy gains with my carbs and cam.

Thanks again everybody! I am going for a ride right now. I am still figuring out wear to run my valve lash with my super beefy 4130 pushrods.
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