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Thanks for the responses.
Originally Posted by Moto Mikey View Post
I have the same issue.. and my battery died shortly after. I think the issue is related?
Upon further investigation, according to the manual; if the battery power is low, the grips are disabled to maintain starting ability. It is entirely possible a bad battery could cause your grips to stop working. I don't think this is my problem though. They work fine right after starting, while the bike is idlingand producing little charging power. I have no other indications that there is a problem with the battery or electrical system, but I am on my factory stator with 55k, so who knows. The battery was changed under warranty last spring. Did the new battery solve your problem?

Originally Posted by DriveShaft View Post
It's probably an intermittent short, that will probably eventually become a permanent short. If the short is in the grip itself, though, you won't feel it the same in both grips. They're wired separately, so a short in the left grip means cold left hand, and warm right hand. So, if they're both crapping out to the same degree at the same time, the short is further up stream.
That's what I was guessing. I opened both sides up today. Both heaters have the same resistance (~8.5ohms),and the same voltage (13.72 @ idle). All the tugging, twisting, poking, I could not duplicate an open or a short. No signs of chaffing or heat. All connections were clean, dry and tight. I took switch assembly apart as much as possible and everything looked good. There are two switches that come into play for the heat control. One is depressed for the off position, neither for the low setting, and the other for the high setting. The high switch could be crapping out, and giving me the low heat level. They're tiny sealed little buttons that are glued shut, so I couldn't clean the actual contacts. I think an intermittent failure here would be a stretch, and the quality seems pretty good.
I did learn the the low setting is not a reduced voltage, but a pulsing of full voltage at about 1 second intervals.
After everything was put back together, it worked normally, as usual. I ran the bike for about 5 minutes at about 3500 rpm, got plenty of heat from both grips. I ran out of time before I could dig deeper into the wiring.

Originally Posted by Reaver View Post
Never heard of both acting up together. If that's true then there should be a code thrown. You on warranty? GS911?
Most failures I can find on the net involve only one grip, suggesting the problem is in the supply. The ecu may be playing games with me. The only few reports I can find involving no heat whatsoever, end up being resolved by the dealer with no clear feedback as to the cause. One case involved a reflash, but it was done for other reasons. I'm out of warranty, and without a gs911, so I would like to persue this a little more before bending over. Might try to setup a volt meter, piggybacking one of the grips so I can see what is happening while riding.

On a good note, I installed some 55watt HID's. Why the hell didn't I do this earlier.

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