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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Nice write-up as usual Ned, good to see you finally embracing the 21st century with FI.... I kid, I kid!

First thing I do on every KTM is to remove those ugly pointy square bolts on both sides that like to take chunks out of the lower triple clamp.

Now here is my tip for you, bet you won't have to run to the hardware store for this one: take a rear sprocket bolt and use a die to thread the shank all the way. Now when you put that all the way into the hole on the frame, your forks should just clear the ECU/regulator without restricting the turning radius, and it leaves a nice rounded bolt head without any sharp edges as a stop that won't damage your triple clamps.

The newer torx head sprocket bolts like the one in the middle are the best because they are even flatter than the old ones.

Fantastic post Lukas!!

Thank you.
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