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Wow, quite the feedback

Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement. Looks like there is still a strong interest. And I can relate. I love the HIDs, otherwise I wouldn't put in all this time.

I am itching to find out what is in the CANbus cancellers but don't want to sacrifice one yet. Like I said, with the current of the HID ballasts you are very close to the go/no-go threshold. Who knows what makes it just work. High beam ON may just create a small voltage drop on other supply lines, we'll never find out. Keep in mind it takes the contoller only milliseconds to measure the current and who knows what happens exactly during that time. Your best bet will be a relay.

Not sure what they do in 2005 models. I believe they still have fuses. May change everything. And control strategy probably changed a lot since.

Yep. That's what I was think of. Extra bulb, LED etc. Anything with that wattage. Awesome solution.

Yep, I am with you on the beer! On my 2008 it shuts down under undercurrent for sure. So, that should make it a lot easier on 2011 models. You should only need the relay then, if you can live with the Lampf! on the display. Great find.
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