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Hi Greg, glad to see the Omega arrived. To clarify from a personal perspective .... I think both are great systems, but my needs are for three identical systems, minimum spare parts and maximujm reliability on a long trek. I wouldn't encourage anyone to swap under more normal circumstances.

Reliability can only be measured over time, but as the components are the same electrically as fitted to Ducati's I'm assuming the wrinkles have been ironed out. I work on the basis of less parts means less points of potential failure.

I will be taking one spare reg/rect unit on my trek (for three bikes) and I'm sure that if I needed a second faster than I could get a replacement sent I could most likely jury-rig something up locally (note to self...identify South American bikes with this type of set-up).

My understanding re. the output is that is engine speed dependant, and it's about 200watts at about 1500rpm raising up to 450W at 6k rpm (working from memory).

After all, what we all need is more power low down, 400w vs 450w is academic for me.
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