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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
This is a trick used by
lawyers, doctors, and other people who want to perpetuate the illusion that they
are special and possess knowledge the rest of us do not have...
while they may or may not be special, do you actually deny that a subject matter expert (any subject) possesses knowledge that a layperson does not? the fact that they do possess uncommon knowledge is what makes them an expert.

Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
Ironically, a person
who is truly superior in knowledge and intellect will have the ability to explain
things without using words which are unfamiliar to the vast majority of people.
having the ability and choosing to exercise it are completely seperate. maybe the doctor chooses not to "dumb down" his speech because he has realized that most people are idiots. or maybe he just doesn't care. or maybe he would care but is unaware of the language gap.
Originally Posted by Red9
if a HD rider puts a car tire on the back of his bike he's an idiot...

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People that want to try to dictate my life to me can suck it.
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