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Day 2 Folkestone to Urbach, Germany

We were meant to get up at 2, pack up and be on our way but the rain was absolutely hammering down so the decision was made to give it a couple of hours and pay the extra fare at the train terminal. By 5 the rain had stopped so we were up and moving. At this point most people would begin to say something like we had a pretty uneventful trip down to the train, but those people donít travel with my mate Al who is one of those people that if it can go wrong then it will go wrong. We were on the M20, me in front him close behind and he disappeared. A car pulled up behind me and said his engine had gone bang and there was smoke pouring out of the bike.

I immediately started thinking that was the joint trip over and I was off on my own. However a couple of minutes later I heard the familiar sound of a single coming towards me with no smoke. Al pulls up along side me and said "no problem mate, lets Go" with a sheepish grin on his face. What happened I asks, "I did not strap my tyre on properly" he replies. Then I notice the front tyre he had strapped onto one of his panniers was missing. It had slipped down onto the rear tyre on the bike and proceeded to become a full on cinematic smoke machine throwing pillows of black smoke all over the motorway.

The Train from Folkestone to Calais

The train journey cost us an extra £14 quid each for being late but this was no problem as I just happened to have that exact amount in my pocket.

We blasted along motorways all day today, through France, Belgium, Holland and finally into Germany. Even though I have lived in Germany for a few years it still amazes me there are not more accidents on German Autobahns which are put down to speed. I could be doing 90mph and be made to feel as if I was standing still after BMW after Mercedes after Porsche blast past me at amazing speeds.

I had been desperate for Jagerwurst mit pommes und mayonnaise since we left UK so I dragged Al off the motorway to find just what I was looking for. I move back to Germany next year, I think I am going to put some weight on :)

The obligatory Sausage and Chips in Germany

The ethos of this trip was we would wild camp as much as we could and only get a hotel or campsite when we wanted to drink.

The first campsite was around Urbach in Eastern Germany, beautiful rolling green hills and woodlands. We found a track off the motorway and just followed it. It was perfect, out of the way, no houses, quiet. As we were setting up an old guy turned up walking his dog. In my broken German we worked out he was 75 and is a motorbike tourer himself, and he had been touring Europe all his life. I gathered he is now to old to ride himself so his son carries him as pillion on the back of his BMW 1100GS. I wish my German was better.

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