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Originally Posted by webjester View Post
Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement. Looks like there is still a strong interest. And I can relate. I love the HIDs, otherwise I wouldn't put in all this time.

I am itching to find out what is in the CANbus cancellers but don't want to sacrifice one yet. Like I said, with the current of the HID ballasts you are very close to the go/no-go threshold. Who knows what makes it just work. High beam ON may just create a small voltage drop on other supply lines, we'll never find out. Keep in mind it takes the contoller only milliseconds to measure the current and who knows what happens exactly during that time. Your best bet will be a relay.
When I get my new set in (hopefully within the next hour or so) I will have two of those cancellers ready to be sliced and diced.
I think it is pretty obvious that these guys aren't using simple V=IR calculations to solve this issue.

And yes, Friction, I totally missed your point. I understand the theory but I'm thinking that if you get it to work, it may be more of a case of "cut and try" winning out over engineering. I've thought I had this thing whipped three times so far only to go out on a cold morning to see that wonderful LAMPF!. Good luck.
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