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Day 3 Urbach, Germany to Dekanovice, Czech Republic

It was a day that I would fulfil one of my many ambitions before I die. I was going to get to see Colditz Castle. We have all seen the films and heard the stories but I wanted to see it first hand.

We had filled up with fuel the night before but Al needed to top up his oil so it was back to the garage for a few litres of the slippy stuff. If you read through either of the other reports about our trips you will see that it has been a nightmare for Alan to keep his bikes going with oil, and I have to say I did hear him mutter to himself "here we go again"

It was good to see the Ladies Harley Davidson Gang in the garage looking hard as nails in their leathers and denim in the garage. I was not confident enough in my German language skills or my fighting skills to go over and say hello:)

The roads over to Colditz were fantastic, tight twisty roads with a perfect surface and as it was early on a Sunday morning there was absolutely no traffic on the road.

Just outside Colditz a swallow committed suicide by motorbike, it crashed into my screen bounced into my peak and was cut in half. Blood and feathers all over my visor.

Colditz is one of those places that if you sit and think about what was actually achieved there and the human endeavour required to escape from such a high security prison you can truly have a defining moment of self reflection.

We spent a few hours walking around the museum listening to some of the guides talking about not only the prisoners but the guards as well, detailing not just the escape attempts that everyone knows about but also the amazing creations the prisoners came up with such as 2 way radios, passports and escape 'uniforms'

I sat in the prisoners' courtyard for about half hour while Al was wandering, I had heroic escape attempts swirling around my head and contemplated life and how short it was. Note to self 'try and do and see more things that matter'.

Signing the visitors book

While we were at the castle we met a bloke called Ian who had planned all year with 3 friends to tour Germany and some of the Baltic States on their sport bikes. One by one they all dropped out (sound familiar) so he decided to go himself. His is the beautiful Kawasaki ZX10R you see in the picture.

Previously I stated the ethos of this trip was wild camping, but the shame of it I needed to use the internet and we came across a McDonalds. Just stop here and use the internet I thought, no we had a massive burger, chips and coke and just for good measure had a chicken burger as well:(

We stopped that night a few miles from Dekanivice in the Czech Republic, which is somewhere between Prague and Brno. Wild camping again, normal routine, find a spot, wait 10 mins to see if anyone shows up. Tent up, brew up, chat about tomorrow til about 9, and then bed ready for the mornings ride. This camp was deep in the woods and we had to ride a couple miles down some logging tracks, I loved this place and I would like to get more woodland time if I could in the coming weeks.

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