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Originally Posted by Yellow Pig View Post
Ya, ya....I've been riding the bike like this for 4 years and it just now happened.

Now that it's fixed up again I'll keep riding it like I do and if I crush the rad after another 4 years, then thats the price to pay.

Back to my regularly scheduled riding:

Looks like fun. Where is that? It takes some serious fortitude to get any steed over that terrain.

You have now confirmed to us that you're in the .001% of anyone who is riding an SE like that, or who would take an SE over that "road," though. And I'll say it one more time, you are in the only-slightly-larger percentage of riders that is jumping their SE and flat-landing it with apparently reckless abandon, much less landing it where it can't be landed.

Calling any failures you might have as a result of the chances you take "design flaws" on KTM's behalf is totally unjustified, as well as asserting that the Black Dog skid plate is not in improvement over the stock skid plate.
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