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Scott Harden School & Lower LC4 E Pegs

Serveral of us on Adv Rider were lucky enough to take the one day Scott Harden off road school. What a great opportuntiy! Scott started off with some classroom instruction and then took us out to real world, working on everything from bike setup, to "barrel" racing, to trail riding.

In the bike set up portion, he pointed out to me what I already kinda new. Even with 30mm risers and higher bars (Pro Taper Pastrana FMX) on my LC4 E, I still have to stretch too much to the bars while standing in the "correct" position (I am the token tall guy in the pic). Since I have gone about as high as I can on the top end with the risers and bars, he suggested lower pegs.

Herein lies the problem. I've searched high and low for a source of lower pegs on the LC4 E without much luck. If anynoe has any solutions or suggestions on how I can get at least an inch lower pegs, I would greatly appreciate it!



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